13-year old Blind Pianist Stunned the New King and Queen with Her Performance During the Coronation

Blind and autistic 13-year-old pianist Lucy Illingworth, from West Yorkshire, stole the hearts of the nation with her stunning performance at last night’s Coronation concert in Windsor.

With her mother Candice sitting by her side, Lucy’s powerful rendition of Bach’s Prelude in C Major amazed tens of thousands of spectators and left the newly crowned King and Queen speechless.

But her mesmerising performances since appearing on the series just months ago have left listeners in awe, with some calling her ‘a miracle’.
Speaking on The Piano, her mother said that she and her family were left in a ‘cancer bubble’ when the pianist was born, after she was diagnosed with cancerous tumours in her eyes which caused her to lose her sight.

Candice recalled hospital staff trying to treat young Lucy ‘pin her down’ while administering treatment, while she ‘cried, and she kicked, and she screamed’.
She further explained that, as well as having no vision at all, Lucy has a chromosome 16 duplication (which Candice also carries), and is globally developmentally delayed, meaning she struggles with communication.
But she revealed that, when her daughter was ‘very little’, she was given a ‘tiny keyboard’ which she took into hospital with her.

‘She played Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star perfectly on it,’ Candice says, adding she caught the attention of a nurse who initially thought the tune was pre-recorded.

However, when the nurse realised Lucy had played the tune all by herself, she said it was ‘spectacular’.

Shew then found a piano teacher, Daniel Bath, who has been coaching her ever since through the Amber Trust, which works with blind musicians.
Speaking on the programme, Daniel explained: ‘Our lessons aren’t like normal piano lessons.

Who is the blind pianist, 13, who left the new King and Queen speechless with her performance?

Source: DailyMail