Experience the Joy of Driving while on your Wheelchair

Driving from your wheelchair with the Jeep Renegade Mobility e-hybrid !
Discover our SUV adapted for wheelchair users or transporting people with reduced mobility in the 1st row, a 100% French adaptation, 100% homologated in France!
The Jeep Renegade Mobility e-Hybrid is a vehicle that offers exceptional accessibility and mobility for wheelchair users! Designed with specific care for inclusion at up front, this hybrid model combines modern design with innovative features to enable driving from a wheelchair.
Thanks to an integrated ramp, wheelchair users can easily enter, exit safety and in complete autonomy. The vehicle’s lowered floor also offers generous space for easy wheelchair circulation inside the vehicle.
Wheelchair driving in this vehicle is made possible by controls specially adapted to the user’s pathology (joystick, handset…).
The Jeep Renegade Mobility e-Hybrid is also equipped with advanced safety features to ensure a safe and secure driving experience (automatic anchorage). Features such as parking assistance, blind spot sensors and tire pressure monitoring are included to ensure driver peace of mind.
Jeep Renegade e-hybrid: your eco-friendly converted vehicle!
Discover hybrid mobility with our Jeep Renegade Mobility e-hybrid: your converted SUV vehicle goes green! At a time when respect for the environment is becoming a global priority, A.C.A France is committed to offering you environmentally-friendly converted vehicles for people with disabilities.
Choose a new energy source for greater freedom. The low-speed electric motor gives you a particularly smooth ride in town, in traffic jams or when maneuvering. The ease and flexibility of maneuvering are considerable assets, depending on the user’s pathology. Jolts are eliminated, and the fluidity of movement makes driving easy and enjoyable. The new 1,4 Turbo petrol engine, starter-alternator and gearbox-integrated electric motor work in symbiosis to deliver a unique driving experience. Maneuver silently and emission-free.
A.C.A France is a French company whose know-how, passion and ingenuity make all the difference.

Source: AccessAbilities Expo