Abronn brings fame to the UAE by providing ambulances to the world

A UAE-based manufacturer of Ambulances and Mobile Hospitals is bringing fame and reputed to the Arab world’s most vibrant country through the supply of its premium technology and equipment. Abronn FZE, based in one of Dubai’s free zones, has turned itself into a vital and reliable source for the healthcare industry by providing customized solutions for medical equipment and emergency vehicles. Holder of the ISO 13485 certificate for its medical devices manufacturing, the company has presently the capacity to manufacture 100 ambulances a month. It says: “ We are committed to equipping first responders with the necessary equipment and tools required to do their duties efficiently. The goal of our vehicle conversions is to have a lasting contribution to emergency response capabilities  to save lives.” As one of the leading ambulance manufacturers globally, the company has been providing mobile clinic vans for medical missions and patient transportation. Its team of engineers and technicians in Dubai carries out testing to guarantee error-free performance. The company uses high-tech gadgets like GPS trackers, communication devices, and advanced medical facilities to help improve the efficiency of its emergency vehicles. Since its existence, it has carried out 10000+ national and international projects in diverse sectors. It has partnerships with Ford and Toyota and its manufacturing is as per the American Standard (NFPA 1917) and European Standard (EN 1789) ambulance design, integrating advanced technologies and safety features.  Acknowledged as one of the leading ambulance conversion companies, the company manufactures tailor-made ambulances that meet specific requirements.  Designed for routine check-ups to specialized medical care, its mobile clinics, of 20 to 40 feet sizes, work to close the accessibility gap.


Source: Abronn

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