Ajman Club: The journey to the summit

The journey to the summit

People with Disabilities live in a community that lacks empowerment and equal opportunities, and their lives represent daily challenges that exceed physical and social barriers.


Material barriers: Access to facilities and services one need may be difficult due to material barriers and inadequate infrastructure.

Physical challenges: Several daily activities pose great physical challenges for People with Disabilities, requiring extra effort to overcome them.


God has bestowed on People with Disabilities strength, willpower, and high levels of determination to achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

Achieving professional success: Several people achieve notable professional success in various fields like business, arts, and sports.

Raising awareness: People of Determination contribute towards raising awareness and better understanding of disability issues and the need to provide equal opportunities for all in society.

In conclusion, the challenges faced by People of Determination are far less than their true abilities and their strength and determination to achieve great things. They deserve support and respect from the entire community, and they should be provided the right opportunities to achieve greater heights and contribute to building a more inclusive and tolerant community.


Source:  Ajman Club for Disabled

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