Al Rizq Group: Braille signs – Door Plates Manufacturing

Braille signs / Door Plates Manufacturing – Al Rizq Advertising is a 23-year-old sign manufacturing company based in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, specializing in all types of Indoor and Outdoor signage.

In the year 2019, we have started Braille signs production for the people of determination, with the ability to put the braille system on most of the flat surfaces and enabling to incorporate Braille system into wayfinding signs.

With our expert design and production center, we can Design, Produce and Install Braille signs in Offices, buildings, Hospitals, and all public places.

Our Braille manufacturing systems are ADA Approved and patent-pending products to serve the needs of the people of determination by providing an accurate Braille system.

Being in the sign industry, we produce signs matching your brand guidelines and incorporate the Braille system into the same.