AMSAAN – barrier free communication towards accessible tourism.

 A unique application for the deaf and people with hearing loss launched  in the UAE.

«Gulf People of Determination Information Technologies» has launched a video relay service for the deaf and people with hearing loss in the United Arab Emirates. This technology provides 24/7  access to qualified online sign language interpreters.

In general, about 40% of the deaf people avoid reading or writing because of the difficulty with understanding verbal and written language. Lip-reading hardly ever gets the gist of the spoken information, as they lack physical speech circuit patterns. Moreover, speaking skills include the  use of complex sentences, which is impossible in sign language, hence the deaf people need the constant accompaniment of sign language interpreters. With the help of “AMSAAN”, the communication between the deaf people and the environment becomes almost unhindered.

Due to the unique software, it has become possible to connect with a sign language interpreter online at any time and place. This service meets the demands of people with hearing loss to communicate in different industries as it makes the world more accessible for them.

Vitalii Mykhalchuk, the CEO of AMSAAN said:

“The key objective of AMSAAN software is to implement a distinctive approach for the deaf travelers and promote tourism without barriers. Our global goal is to attract tourists with hearing loss from all over the world as well as to make the UAE as one of the most accessible and comfortable countries for the deaf people. ”

The “AMSAAN” technology can be used by any business or organization that adheres to social standards to interact with the deaf customers. With such an approach, vacations for the hard of hearing tourists from all over the world will become conceivable. If AMSAAN service is widely implemented in the tourist sector, the UAE has a significant potential to become the most hospitable country for deaf and hard of hearing travelers.

Undoubtedly,  such a large-scale  initiative is achievable  as “AMSAAN” technology is currently available throughout the country. For instance, Coral Beach Resort Sharjah was the first hotel which installed AMSAAN service in their reception. As a result it attracted hard-of-hearing tourists from Uzbekistan, who use sign language on a daily basis as well as explored a sense of unfettered and barrier-free   communication with the hotel staff during their stay.

Furthermore, Royal Beach Hotel also set up AMSAAN software in their facility, which allowed them to fascinate deaf tourists from Armenia. During their stay, the hotel guests could contact online sign language interpreters, which were available 24/7. It gave an opportunity for the tourists to enjoy their vacation and high level of service in a deaf friendly hotel.

Overall, it is reasonable to conclude that social responsibility is becoming an integral part of  business strategies in most organizations and it is even  becoming a vital platform for engaging with society and the government sector. Today, fast developing companies intensified their activities in the represented regions, guiding their social programs toward the inclusion of the whole society and its vulnerable segments.

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