Angel Eye World Leading Computer Vision and Ai Technology

A pioneer and leader in computer vision processing chips and Artificial Intelligence applications, NextVPU has developed the AngelEye series of products. These groundbreaking innovations provide a whole new experience of perceiving the world for individuals with visual impairments and low vision.

Basic Function

The AngelEye series of smart readers, built upon world-leading computer vision and Artificial Intelligence technologies, revolutionizes reading for individuals with visual impairments. It transforms textual information into speech, bringing a whole new level of accessibility to the visually impaired community.

Key Features

1. Proprietary OCR technology with intelligent text detection, understanding, and layout analysis. It delivers fast recognition speed and high accuracy.
2. Even in low-light environments, it meets the reading needs of books, newspapers, manuals, webpages, and other daily materials
3. With user-friendly touch controls, it offers simple and intuitive operation. It provides automatic directional voice prompts, aligning with the text for clear audio output.
4. Supporting offline mode, allowing it to function without an internet connection.
5. Designed with user convenience in mind, it offers the flexibility to switch between male and female voices and adjust the volume to multiple levels.

Source: NextVPU