Arab countries are among the 20 with the world’s highest Autism rates

As many as 13 Arab and Muslim countries are among the top 20 for the highest rates of autism, according to a report. Autism, a complex neurodevelopmental disorder, has garnered significant attention and research in recent years due to its increasing prevalence worldwide.

As communities and healthcare systems become more adept at identifying and diagnosing individuals on the autism spectrum, understanding regional variations in autism rates becomes more crucial. Among the myriad factors that contribute to this disorder, regional disparities in autism prevalence have been observed, with some countries reporting notably higher rates compared to others. Exploring the countries with the highest rates of autism sheds light on potential environmental and genetic influences and underscores the importance of raising awareness and providing adequate support for individuals and families affected by autism on a global scale.  According to WHO, it is estimated that approximately 1 in 100 children worldwide have autism, with some studies suggesting that this number may be even higher in certain regions. In terms of financial impact, the cost of caring for individuals with autism can be significant.  Several companies are working towards innovative approaches to autism treatment. The study ranked the countries with the highest rates of autism based on autism rates per 10K children based on population figures of 2023 provided by the World Population Review. Ranked 20,  Iraq has around 72,000 people affected by autism. Next is Algeria with Autism Rate per 10,0000 at 89.40 or around 450,000 individuals. At 18th, Egypt’s Autism rate per 10,000 is 89.40 percent, making it one of the countries with the highest rates of autism. Lebanon stands at 17th with about 89.80 per 10000 children affected, making Lebanon one of the countries with the highest autism rates. Sudan’s Autism rate per 10,000 is 90.10, placing it at 15th rank. Iran is in 14th position with Yemen following it with Autism affecting around 90.40 per 10,000 people. Libya is in 12th  position with an Autism rate of 90.60. At the 10th position, Palestine’s Autism rate per 10,000 is  91, followed by Afghanistan with around 91.20 per 10000 children on the spectrum.  The autism rate in Syria is very high, affecting an estimated 91.90 per 10000 children. In the 7th position, Jordan has an Autism rate per 10,000 of 92.10. standing 6th is Kuwait with around 97.70 per 10000 children affected by autism.

Source:  Yahoo!finance