ARASCA: A Cutting-edge Technology Stretcher That Transforms Into A Chair To Make Life Easier For The People Of Determination.

ARASCA presents the EVOX self-loading stretcher allowing the patient to be placed in the most comfortable position for rescue and transport. Its conversion to a chair allows access in confined spaces such as elevators and hallways with tight corners, where a standard stretcher would be difficult to maneuver. A gas pistons system allows EVOX to be adjusted in an infinite number of positions until it reaches the sitting position, removing all effort from the operator. The ultimate features of this device, always more demanded by the markets, are a stainless steel electro-polished frame, polyurethane wheels 200mm, safety command to prevent accidental closure, a mattress divided into four separate sections, and an attractive design.
Evox can be loaded on various stretcher supports thanks to an innovative system consisting of four “balancing” loading wheels. The stretcher chair EVOX art. 7112 PROOF can withstand shocks up to 10g in all directions thanks to the appropriate lock in combination with the fixing system art. 962, as required by the UNI EN 1789 standard. Evox is the ideal solution for all emergency waiting rooms because of its ability to accommodate patients in the most comfortable position.
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