Autism Fitness hosts exercise workshop in south Charlotte

CHARLOTTE — A four-hour workshop was held by Autism Fitness on Sunday morning at Metro Fitness in south Charlotte.

The “Fitness (that works) for the ASD/Neurodivergent Population” workshop is designed for both professionals and parents as a way to create effective exercise programs for neurodivergent people. Guests were given hands-on experience using physical, behavioral, and cognitive approaches to exercises for all ages and abilities; they were also given ‘go-to’ exercises to increase strength, motor skills, and balance.

One of the goals of the workshop was to show parents and professionals how to build a positive relationship between exercise and individuals on the autism spectrum.

Eric Chessen, the founder of Autism Fitness, said the hands-on workshop allows for a bigger takeaway.

“When individuals are able to actively participate in the learning process, especially when it comes to fitness, it greatly enhances the takeaway,” said Chessen, “Get hands-on experience with physical, behavioral, and cognitive strategies to deliver effective, meaningful programs for individuals of any age or ability level.”

Source: WSOC TV

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