Automating Digital Accessibility with the Most Comprehensive Testing Tools for Developers

Axe DevTools is all about automating digital accessibility with the most comprehensive testing tools for developers. The tolls helps save you and your development team money, time, and effort.

Axe DevTools delivers unparalleled accuracy in testing page and component accessibility while you code. Our rules engine is based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our browser extension finds 57 per cent of the issues by itself. Use our Intelligent Guided Testing (IGT) to achieve 80 per cent or more of the issues with no additional training required. Axe DevTools brings accessible coding to the next level.

Axe DevTools are for Front-End Web Developers, iOS and Android Developers, Designers, and Test Engineers.

axe Auditor – Streamline and simplify manual accessibility testing. Get to done faster and more efficiently. The world’s most efficient, comprehensive, and customizable manual accessibility testing tool. Perform full-coverage, consistent WCAGaudits of your content and applications with axe Auditor.

Achieve self-sufficiency by bringing manual testing in-house.
Increase accessibility adoption by creating precise, comprehensive, and consistent; accessibility reports for developers with minimal accessibility knowledge.

Who is axe Auditor for? – Functional QA Testers and Accessibility Experts

axe Monitor – Dynamically scan, monitor, and report on the accessibility status of your entire site. Pinpoint improvements or what has declined over time and drill down to perform root cause analysis.

Perform enterprise-level accessibility scans and meet your compliance needs with advanced reporting, monitoring, and management of accessibility issues against industry standards or customized guidelines. Axe Monitor helps ensure your large website
becomes accessible and remains accessible. Dynamically scan, monitor, and report on the accessibility status of your site across business and development teams.

Who is axe Monitor for? – Subject Matter Experts and Accessibility Managers

axe for Designers – Axe for Designers is a free accessibility Figma plugin from Deque. Close the design/development understanding gap with clear, consistent accessibility guidance and annotations.
Features include:
● Auto-annotations: Add form control annotations to your designs with the touch of a button
● Auto Scan: Scan components and/or pages for color contrast, touch target, and headings issues automatically
● Manual annotations: Add annotations for 31 design categories that include recommended code snippets for developers

● Scans Frames, Groups, & AutoLayouts by Figma node structure
● Manual color contrast checker: Select any text node individually and check for contrast issues
● Dashboard view: Save and share reports with your teams.

Deque University – Deque University offers training and on-demand reference materials for every level and every area of expertise in digital accessibility. The facility provides an extensive curriculum of self-guided online courses so you can focus on the skills you need with the flexibility your schedule requires. Whether you’re working on your own professional development or training a team, make Deque U your go-to resource for in-depth accessibility expertise.

Source: Deque University

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