Ava Telepresence Unit

A Dubai government agency approached us with a unique challenge – to integrate their telepresence systems with hearing loops so they can be used by customers with disabilities who use hearing aids or cochlear implants. These telepresence units consist of a screen display, camera, and speakers to allow
customers to virtually communicate with off-site customer service staff allowing companies to service multiple remote locations from a central hub. A joint project between DASS Solutions, Ava Robotics, and Ampetronic has enabled hearing loops (aka, induction loops) on Ava telepresence robots employed
at the Dubai government agency.

Following extensive research with our partners, DASS Solutions delivered an innovative one-of-a-kind solution that received several accolades and global recognition. Our hearing loops vastly improved sound quality and filtered out background noise in telepresence units allowing them to be successfully used by
customers of determination.

The integration of our hearing loops allowed customers who interact with customer service representatives via the telepresence unit to receive audio directly into their hearing aids via magnetic sound transmission. This improved the quality of the interactions of customers, raised their satisfaction, and not only reduced errors in service delivery but also avoided technical problems with service
connection and disconnection requests which had a direct impact on the client’s bottom line.

This is the first known implementation of hearing loops in telepresence robots as indicated by DASS Solutions and Ava Robotics. It represents an accomplishment that leverages innovation and DASS Solutions’ readiness to empower our clients to become more inclusive to all their customers.
To know more about this unique accessibility solution, please, reach out to DASS Solutions for more detailed information.

DASS Solutions

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