Benefits Of Disability Equipment On Movement And Mobility

Disability equipment aims to help people who have a physical disability and may be limited and restricted in the way they can move. There are many benefits of utilising disability equipment for those who require it, with the overall aim is to provide comfort and support as well as increase movement and mobility for people who have a physical disability, leading to a better quality of life.

What is disability equipment? 

Disability equipment aims to provide support and comfort to those who require it due to physical disability. There are a range of disability equipment available such as crutches, canes, walkers, wheelchairs, mobility scooters and the PolySpine Exoskeleton.

 The PolySpine Exoskeleton is a supportive and customisable exoskeleton which has been designed specifically for people who have moderate to severe physical disabilities, by providing support and assistance to increase their movement and mobility by improving their ability to participate in both recreational and rehabilitation activities.

What are the benefits of PolySpine?

The aim of the PolySpine Exoskeleton is to assist people with physical disabilities to participate in recreational activities outside of their regular wheelchair or regular accessibility or disability equipment, due to the support provided by the exoskeleton. The PolySpine Exoskeleton is able to work alongside existing physical disability equipment and home furniture by providing extra support and comfort.

PolySpine is able to help people with a range of physical disabilities such as quadriplegia, motor neuron disease, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities that present similar physical disability symptoms.

Why PolySpine?

PolySpine was co-founded by Riley who was born with Grade 5 Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy meaning he requires support for his head and neck. Riley’s dad, Clint, is the second cofounder of PolySpine. Clint decided to use his determination, passion, talent, and sense of innovation to brainstorm and construct a range of models and variations of exoskeletons to help people with physical disabilities. They have worked together to ultimately find a solution for Riley by providing the required support related to the head, neck and torso.

As the exoskeletons began to evolve, the aim of PolySpine transformed into not only being customised to help Riley but also help many people who have physical disabilities which are similar to Riley with a stronger ability to participate in day to day and recreational activities as they wish, reach their goals, and become active like Riley is today!

PolySpine has undertaken a wide range of research over the years to ensure the exoskeleton can one day be easily accessible in the market for those who need it and transform from a start-up to a global company reaching a wide audience. PolySpine now has a large and growing team of talented staff which consists of engineers and designers who work together to create the best product to assist people with their movement and mobility!

PolySpine began trials for the Exoskeleton in August of 2020 in Sydney, Australia and are now working towards obtaining regulatory and industry approvals. Prue Morgan, cerebral palsy expert associate professor, looked at the prototype images and believes the PolySpine exoskeleton has great potential to “allow young people to get out and about and do what normal young people like to do.”

For more information and resources for disabled adults can be found at NDIS and Physical Disability Australia.

Reach out to PolySpine today!

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with a physical disability that impacts your mobility, you may be able to benefit from PolySpine’s customisable supportive exoskeleton. Polyspine’s disability equipment can be used to increase mobility and allow the user to take part in physical activities that they would otherwise not be able to. Disabilities which impact the spine and cause limited mobility are a particular focus of the Polyspine team. Progress is underway to get our project into the hands of people who need it. For more information about Polyspine, contact our team