Emirates, has the power to become a powerful example for the world when it comes to being a disability-friendly business. Beyond just their airline services, Emirates has the opportunity to extend its focus on accessibility to other branches of its business, such as hotels and football stadiums. By doing so, they can establish themselves as a global brand that prioritizes and facilitates for people with disabilities.

In today’s world, diversity and inclusivity are valued like never before. As society becomes more aware of the various challenges faced by people with disabilities, businesses need to step up and ensure equal opportunities for everyone. By taking the lead in creating disability-friendly facilities and services, Emirates would demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity and set an example for others to follow.

Emirates’ reputation as a top airline has already established them as an industry leader. With their extensive presence and influence, they can utilize their brand power to initiate change across various sectors. By extended their accessibility initiatives to hotels, Emirates can ensure that individuals with disabilities have equal access to comfortable and accommodating accommodation options. Moreover, by using their sponsorships in the football industry and other sports Emirates can help brand Dubai. Emirates can contribute to the inclusion of people with disabilities in all its services including sporting events, providing them with the opportunity to participate and enjoy the games just like any other fan.

However, it is not enough to rely solely on existing infrastructure and services. Innovation is the key to continuously improving accessibility standards. Here, I have great confidence in AviationXLab and their capabilities for the development of accessibility features in future aircrafts. Collaboration between Emirates and organizations like AviationXLab can drive significant progress in designing aircraft cabins that cater to the needs of people with disabilities, making air travel a more seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

By becoming a disability-friendly business, Emirates has the potential to inspire and influence the entire travel and hospitality industry. As a brand that is trusted and respected globally, Emirates can lead the way in championing inclusivity and ensuring that every person, regardless of their abilities, feels valued and welcome. In doing so, they can contribute to a more equal and accessible world.

Written by:
Jens Jafar Lund
Llm Law – Owner/ managing partner

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