Breaking Barriers: Liveable’s Commitment to Responsible Tourism Recognized at World Travel Market Africa

Liveable-Access Consultancy, a small but ambitious Cape Town-based access consultancy in the hospitality and tourism industries, recently won a Silver Award in the Diversity and Inclusion category of the Responsible Tourism Awards at the World Travel Market Africa in Cape Town between the 3rd and 5th of April 2023.

Tarryn Tomlinson, the founder of Liveable-Access Consultancy and its accessible travel concierge division, Able2Travel, has worked tirelessly to make travel accessible to persons with disabilities, especially those with mobility challenges.

” Winning the award means so much to us, as it is the recognition received after years of raising awareness and advocating for the rights of persons with disabilities within the tourism value chain,” Tomlinson said.
“Finally, people are beginning to listen and take this tourism market more seriously, giving people with diverse abilities the platform we deserve.
This award is the beginning of what we know will be a massive change for millions of tourists for years to come. It is our dream to make South Africa one of the most accessible countries in Africa to visit, creating beautiful memories for all along the way. I believe that with the right partnerships and recognition, we can do this in the not-too-distant future,” she added.

Tomlinson believes that travel brings people together and breaks down barriers. Her company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion means they offer travel experiences catering to various needs and preferences. Whether it’s a solo trip for a person with disabilities, a family vacation, or an adventure for friends from different cultures, Liveable has something for everyone.

Winning the award was a tremendous honour for Liveable-Access Consultancy, and Tomlinson was thrilled to be recognized for her hard work. She believes the recognition is a testament to the importance of diversity and inclusion in the travel industry. She hopes that it will inspire other companies to follow in her footsteps.

Her concierge company, Able2travel, is on a quest to form linkages and partner with different product owners and brands in the hospitality and travel space, as evidenced by their international showcasing at the AccessAbilities Expo later this year in October.

“We visited the Expo in Dubai last year for the first time to get a feel of how Inclusive Travel compared in other regions and realized that Africa is still a step behind in products and the technologies already in place in other areas.
In October, Able2travel will showcase accessible and inclusive tourism products in Dubai, offering unique selling points, especially for Cape Town as an international destination. We hope to partner with allied companies and tourism agencies locally to have a pavilion at the AccessAbilities Expo that can market this region as the next big thing in inclusive travel,” added Tomlinson.
In August 2022, the international magazine TimeOut released its fifth annual listing of the world’s best cities that scored Cape Town as ‘Africa’s second best city’ and 11th greatest in the world.

Tomlinson, a wheelchair user, started Liveable to raise a voice for accessibility in the hospitality industry and has been an accessibility advocate since the company’s inception in 2019. Besides consulting on access and inclusivity in the tourism space, Tomlinson is a specialist speaker, television presenter, writer, and thought leader.

Story by: Simon Manda – Administration ThisAbility Newspaper