Bright Sign Gloves

As part of the DASS Solutions family, we are bringing to the world one of the most innovative and
unique products ever developed. A BrightSign smart glove is the only one in the world that instantly
translates any sign into any spoken language. You can teach your glove any sign language library you
want (such as ASL, BSL, or Makaton), even a whole vocabulary of your own signs. It learns your signs,
quickly and easily, based on just one example of each -so it’s completely customisable and quick to
get up and running. BrightSign utilizes patented artificial intelligence technology to learn all your
Almost anyone who cannot speak can benefit from BrightSign, regardless of their signs or motor
ability, including hearing impairments, nonverbal autism, cerebral palsy, stroke survivors,
tracheostomy patients, or any other speech impairment.
DASS Solutions is the only authorized seller of BrighSign Gloves in the region. The decision to bring
this amazing device to the middle east region is a no-brainer. There is nothing like this. We believe
that anything that would empower a person to speak and communicate should be within the reach
of everyone, everywhere.
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