CareTech and Smartbox

CareTech and Smartbox presented their assistive technology with Emirates Health Services (EHS), at the Arab Health 2022 exhibition.

This technology includes software and devices that enable disabled children and adults to have a voice and live more independent lives. Their industry-leading technology for alternative communication supports a wide range of conditions and literacy levels, including people with complex and limited mobility.

Those who use it can speak using symbols and text, control devices around their homes, browse the internet, use social media, and participate in society. Emirates Health Services is one of the first government organisations to use this technology in the UAE as part of their mission to bring innovation and the latest technologies to the health sector, with the first devices being piloted at the Al Qassimi Hospital for Women and Children.

“Communication is a fundamental human right and Smartbox are committed to providing people
around the world the technology needed to give people a voice. We have been working hard to
localise our technology so that disabled people in UAE can communicate with their friends, family
and wider community,” said Dougal Hawes, Managing Director of Smartbox Assistive Technology.

“CareTech MENA is proud to support the UAE government in its mission to promote advanced technology in healthcare services. We are looking to work together to provide the best healthcare solutions for all their citizens, specific to each of their complex needs. We are investing across the Health sector and are delighted to introduce the best in-class augmentative and assistive technology, Smartbox, to the UAE,” said Haroon Sheikh, CEO of CareTech.

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