Cooperate social responsibility is in short called CSR

Environmental responsibility is of course a priority for all in these times as the world is facing a global climate crisis that has consequences that are directly affecting all sectors of society. When it comes to the implementation of accessibility it is therefore essential that the choices made are sustainable. Choose quality over quantity, and make sure the chosen mobility aids also focus on sustainability and are not just functionality.  Make sure your quality choices are ethically based and not just a product of choice- seek to be sure you don’t support or violate any international norms and regulations in the way it’s produced. Make Philanthropic efforts to ensure that society can benefit from implementing accessible and medical tourism. Accessibility and general access to society must become a key part of the efforts as it benefits more than just good business- it shows commitment and dedication towards a society for all. That also includes providing job opportunities for people of determination as it is a powerful example that shows a real commitment to an inclusive society. People of determination are often more dedicated and more knowledgeable about the needs of people of determination and can do the job as well or even better than non-disabled individuals when it comes to catering to guests and travellers with disability. Economically accessible travel and medical tourism can lift whole communities on many different levels. All kinds of businesses can benefit from implementing accessibility and access to affordable accommodation, recreation facilities and other services and thereby not only prosper themselves but show commitment towards the community and government efforts towards accessible travel and medical tourism. CSR is not only the right thing to do – it can easily become profitable and create goodwill that will return the investment 10-fold.




By: Jens Lund- COO

No Limits Accessibility



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