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Designing Websites for Inclusivity Workshop

Join Cyber-Duck, an award-winning specialist in User Centred Design, content and accessible web technology for a powerful, practical workshop on inclusive web design. Established in 2005, Cyber-Duck uses proven, accredited methodologies to deliver brilliant, accessible digital experiences for UK and global brands such as the Bank of England, The Commonwealth, the Cabinet Office, Mitsubishi and Bosch.

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    The Internet is vital for many day-to-day activities. Yet most websites and apps are not accessible, excluding large segments of users. As over 1 billion people worldwide have some form of disability, this is a huge problem, not just for users but for businesses who are missing out on untold billions in potential profit. Globally, users demand inclusive digital experiences, and in many countries, digital accessibility is a legal requirement. Reputationally, ethically, and financially, it’s crucial for businesses to be more inclusive. Those unable to keep up will simply fall behind. This workshop will give you the blueprint for designing and building accessible digital platforms. Presenting best practice and techniques you can apply to embed inclusive design into your own projects, delivering both brilliant user experience and improved ROI.


    1. Identifying accessibility problems: how to pinpoint and address key challenges.
    2. Understanding your audience: conducting user interviews and other methods for gathering insights.
    3. Designing for inclusion: best practice and important considerations, following the principles of inclusive design.
    4. Testing: the fundamentals of accessibility testing and creating your strategy.

    All attendees will receive a certificate from Cyber-Duck’s Digital Training Academy to show they understand the basics of designing for inclusivity.


    Danny Bluestone

    Danny is the Founder and CEO of Cyber-Duck, with a mission to blend design, usability and technology to achieve the best user experience for clients. Danny has been recognised by the British Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, the BIMA Hot 100, and Digital Leader of the Year by Wirehive 100. He’s shared his insights on various platforms including SXSW, BBC, UXPA, Sky and Econsultancy.

    Yahye Sihad

    Yahye is Cyber-Duck’s Diversity and Accessibility Lead. Born with a visual impairment, he uses a screen reader to navigate the Internet. He is the Founder of Inclusive Horizons, a social advocacy service for accessibility
    and inclusion. Among many other achievements, he is a certified awareness trainer at the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and a former Paralympic athlete.

    Chris Giles

    Chris is a UX practitioner who is passionate about empathetic, inclusive and human centred-design. As a person with ADHD, he has a particular interest in designing for neurodiversity. His role involves meeting and understanding people from all walks of life, using this insight to design digital products that improve lives.