DDY continues its work to build an inclusive society

Building the Steps for Success for Children of Determination 

Nurtured under the leadership of Dr. Ben Hadj Hassine, The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center (DDY) is a  multi-awarded and innovative treatment facility that offers counselling and behavioral support services  for children and adults of determination in the UAE and beyond. Located in the Dubai Healthcare City,  DDY provides multidisciplinary care and its passionate team of professionals work collaboratively to  provide more than 18 services across Assessment, Clinical Therapy and Community Training.  



Intake Assessment and Report Writing Behavioral Assessment 

Psychological Assessment 

Occupational Therapy Assessment Speech Language Assessment Physiotherapy Assessment 



Learning Support 

Parent/Caregiver Behavior Training Social Skills Training 

Job Coaching 



Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy Occupational Therapy 


Speech and Language Therapy 

Supervision by Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) Vocational Training 


DDY lives by its motto “DDY – Expertise That Cares” and putsin practice its core values across all functions;  Commitment, Unconditional Love and Passion. Throughout the 9-year journey of DDY, the center has  witnessed the challenges and obstacles that the families and the children have been facing, they have  worked hand in hand to improve the quality of life for our students, they have walked along the difficult  path with the parents, they have cried together every time parents are overwhelmed and they have  celebrated together every time the child achieved a milestone. At DDY, they strongly believe that in order  for any program to be successful in all environments, parent involvement plays an important role thus the  center strongly encourage and promote parent trainings to help the children maintain all the skills that  they have learned in their programs.  

The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center will continue to build an inclusive society for people of  determination and their families in collaboration with government, private, and academic institutions,  and support Dubai’s medical tourism initiatives.


Parents talk about DDY:  

“I have no words to thank the DDY which is not a center but a big family that embraced my fear,  despair and worry about my son. The humanitarian message they have was the best supporting  factor to bring me back hope and assurance as a father of a special needs kid. The experience of  the staff in rehabilitating kids, training and advising them was much more than I expected and  made me so optimistic about the upcoming. Rehabilitation did not just help our kid but it also  helped the family through programs. The family program was also helpful in retaining the learned  skills during vacations and outside the centre.  

And after the help of the DDY family my son reached a level makes me so satisfied as a parent and  that he’s been sent to the right place, I would like to wish all the centre’s family the best of luck.” 

-Adbullaziz Alqubaisi 


“I would like to thank DDY for their services and constant support from my daughter. My family  and I noticed the significant change in my daughter in a short period of time her skills improved  and she was able to generalize this skill inside the center and outside with family members. Thank  you so much DDY Management and all the Employees.” 

-Maitha Abdulaziz Mohammad Alhosani 

For more information and inquiries about DDY, visit www.ddyautismcenter.com or call 04 431 2890/ +971  52 6139928

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