Doris Duan Young Closing Summer Camp

Social Skills and social outings are an important way for our students to generalize their skills in the community. The pandemic made it difficult for many places to practice socials skills but finally The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center (DDY) Summer Camp has returned!

DDY Summer Camp ran for two months from the start of July until end of August 2022. DDY main goal was to provide children and young adults of determination with different opportunities to develop important life skills in a different environment outside the center and/or to improve the skills and talents that they already have. The camp was attended by kids and young adults from DDY who displayed specific pre-requisites such as group readiness skills and were all accompanied by Registered Behavior Therapists specializes in Applied Behavior Analysis and supervised by a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or Board-Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) to ensure everyone’s safety while having fun.

The camp involved different indoor activities for our student to learn and generalize their skills while enjoying themselves. The following indoor places/activities were part of DDY’s Summer Camp this year. The following places were very welcoming to our students and we look forward to collaborating more with them throughout the year. All places and activities were pre-planned in a structured and safe environment following COVID-19 safety protocols.

1. Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai is truly one of Dubai’s top indoor activities where it will allow your kids and family members to experience snow and winter conditions all year round! In here, kids can play with penguins, build a snowman, roll down the hills, ride the Twin Track Bobsled or explore a snow cavern. You can also have a go on the frozen zip-line or catch the classic chairlift to the top of a hill where you can ski all the way to the bottom.

2. Museum of the Future
Museum of the Future is the newest and one of the most famous landmarks in Dubai that allows kids and adults to explore how society could evolve in the coming decades using science and technology! It is also called as “living museum” that incorporates elements of traditional exhibitions, immersive theatre and themed attractions, so visitors can look beyond the present and towards the future’s limitless possibilities.

3. The Green Planet
Designed as an enclosed ecosystem, The Green Planet is a bio-dome that invites visitors to explore the wonders of a tropical forest with an enormous number of plants and animals and the world’s largest man-made and life-sustaining indoor tree. Perfect getaway place for the whole family!

4. Civil Defense
A unique yet educational place to consider and visit during the summer! DDY Summer Camp went for to the fire stations in Dubai to educate our students about how a fire station looks like, how a fireman gears up to attend to an emergency, had a tour in one of their firetrucks and even had a brief explanation on how they assist in rescue missions, to protect lives, private and public properties.

5. Mohammed Bin Rashid Library
A new attraction in Dubai that is perfect for kids who love to read books, museum tours and preserved historical pieces. The library plays an important role in preserving Arabic literature, culture and heritage.

6. Dubai Sports World
A perfect indoor place for sports fanatic! Dubai Sports World brings you an array of sports, academic coaching for all ages and a range of activities.

7. Adventurepark Dubai Hills
Located at Dubai Hills, Adventure Park is one of the newest indoor attractions in Dubai that offers a variety of family activities and allows you to experience unstoppable fun exciting playgrounds and thrilling fun-in-motion games!

8. Fabyland
Fabyland is an ideal entertainment spot where the entire family can have some fun! This indoor entertainment facility place features rides in a safe environment including variety of arcade games, thrilling rides and attractions along with soft play area and a trampoline.

9. Adventureland
One of the leading indoor entertainment centers in the UAE! Adventureland is perfect for kids and young adults for its distinctive thrilling rides and family-friendly atmosphere which is designed to ignite every kids’ imaginative nature.

10. Woo-hoo
Going beyond traditional education, Woo-hoo! is a vibrant play center located in Al Quoz that has 11 themed galleries for kids up to the age of 12. Each gallery was designed to let their imaginations run wild and learn something in the process. With a focus on soft play, Woo-hoo! gives children the opportunity to sharpen numerous fundamental skills – including critical thinking, problem solving, gross motor development, social collaboration and executive functions. It’s all done through hands-on play, with nonstop fun!

11. Chase Sports and Fitness Club
Chase is a new indoor gym located at Al Quoz who is committed to improving individual’s health, fitness and well being through its tailored programs and gym classes. They helped get our students into shape in a fun and safe manner!

12. Just Play Sports
An indoor unique sports and leisure academy that provides its guests with a unique football experience for all ages and skill levels.

DDY Summer Camp is an opportunity for our students to gain experiences that they might not have otherwise. DDY is able to ensure that the needs of each person of determination attending the camp is met as their experiences are individualized to ensure they have a fulfilling trip. Traditional summer camps do not have the expertise and knowledge to work with people of determination. However, at DDY we believe regardless of ability, every person deserves equal opportunities to engage in the same activities as their peers.

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