Summer vacation has ended, and the new school year has begun. Preparing autistic students to go back to school after a break can help ease the transition, handle anxiety, and make the experience more positive. It’s important to consider their overall health and well-being in the preparation. Here are some health tips to support their return to school:

1. Provide the student with a balanced and nutritious diet free of preservatives, sweeteners, and artificial colors and encourage adequate water drinking throughout the school day will support physical and mental health.
2. Establish a consistent sleep routine and make sure they are getting enough rest, which is essential to keeping attention and focus during the school day.
3. Plan a sensory break throughout the school day and use tools like sensory cushions, noise-canceling headphones, and fidget toys to help them regulate their sensory input.
4. If the student takes any medications, communicate with the school nurse to ensure proper administration.
5. Encourage regular physical activity as a part of the student’s daily routine, which will improve mood, motor skill performance, and emotional well-being.
6. Maintain a regular medical check-up with healthcare providers to identify any health-related concerns and ensure proper medication management.

Remember that each autistic individual is unique, so it’s important to consider their different needs and preferences. Ensure effective communication with healthcare providers, supportive staff, and teachers to know about any health-related concerns. The goal is to provide a supportive and conducive environment for their successful return to school.

Written by:
Deneen Cooper
Cooper VIP Travel Agency