Embracing Compassionate Inclusion: Empowering People of Determination in the UAE

Across the United Arab Emirates, a vibrant transformation is taking place—one that holds the promise of a brighter future for People of Determination. Over the past decade, I have witnessed a shift towards greater inclusivity and understanding in our community. However, it’s important to recognize that achieving a society where every individual can flourish is a collective responsibility.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), when implemented correctly, can be a powerful tool in unlocking the potential of People of Determination, fostering independence, and improving their quality of life. Yet, many parents struggle to navigate the complex world of services and therapies, facing challenges in distinguishing effective ABA from subpar practices.

Hence, there is an urgent need in the UAE for comprehensive training programs that empower parents and the wider community to recognize compassionate ABA. Compassion means treating each person as a unique individual, tailoring interventions to their specific needs, strengths, and preferences, and honoring their right to assent no matter their communication abilities. It means fostering a sense of belonging, respect, and dignity for every member of the community.

Inclusion is not just a concept; it’s a commitment. Compassionate ABA unlocks the potential of People of Determination empowers them to lead fulfilling lives and contributes to the UAE’s vision of an inclusive society that values the well-being of all.


Written by:
Amina I. Maliki MEd.(ABA), BCBA
Training & Research Manager
Applied & Behavioral Training Institute Dubai, UAE

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