Al Thuraya Charity Society for Blind

1/ Casting Fishing for the Blind .
The Thuraya Association for the Blind in Jazan region organized a training course in 2019 to teach blind individuals how to fish using the “casting” technique. The course took place in the training hall of King Faisal Sports City in Jazan under the slogan “I Can.”

The Executive Director of the association explained that month long of training course is one of the educational programs offered by the association. It benefited 11 blind participants and included a series of practical and theoretical workshops to teach blind individuals how to fish using casting techniques, utilizing fishing rods and artificial bait.

The project aims to capitalize on the maritime heritage in Jazan and preserve this heritage while teaching it to blind individuals. This initiative aims to instill a sense of competition among them, enabling them to invest their time and overcome their disabilities by teaching them fishing techniques. Fishing can subsequently become a source of income or a hobby for them. Farsani highlighted the fruitful collaboration between the association, the General Sports Authority office in the region, and the Jazan Sennara Union in implementing this unique training course.

2/ Blind Barista
The Thuraya Association for the Blind in Jazan region organized a training course titled “Blind Barista” The course was conducted by Mr. Mohamed Tohri of May 2023, with the aim of teaching blind individuals how to craft coffee. The course concluded with the distribution of coffee-making devices to the participants.

The training program included intensive instruction on various coffee-making methods, such as espresso, drip coffee, milk-based beverages like lattes and cappuccinos, and other coffee drinks.

The final day featured hands-on training for the blind participants in collaboration between the Thurya Association and Black Dose Roastery, where participants had a unique experience in making and serving coffee to the attendees. The program concluded with a simple celebration to mark this occasion.

This training program is part of the diverse programs offered by the Thuraya Association, which aims to empower blind individuals, showcase their talents, and develop their abilities so they can lead normal lives.

They said about the association:

•A highly capable workforce.
•Tangible cooperation.
•The association always delivers the best.
•Here is the determination.
•Makers of happiness.
•Achieving a high benefit from programs and projects.
•Precision in choosing topics as we wish.
•Very engaging and enjoyable programs.
•Diverse program offerings remotely and in person.
•Interactive and accomplished.

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