Audiocon Milano S.r.l.s

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Audiocon Milano S.r.l.s. is a newcomer in the world of hearing aids and deals with the latest generation of solutions for every need. At the Hearing Centre Audiocon Milano S.r.l.s. situated in via Fontana in Milan, you can have a free hearing check-up and receive specialist advice without obligation. Hearing allows us not only to listen but also to communicate, to relate to others and immerse ourselves in our surroundings. It is of utmost importance for us to help our patients by exploring with them the various possibilities of rehabilitating their hearing function. This is made possible by a wide range of solutions both in terms of hearing treatments and rehabilitation paths and in terms of hearing aids and prostheses.

At the Audiocon Milano S.r.l.s. Centre you can find:

Custom-made and behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids of all brands;

Custom-made noise-reducing and swimming pool plugs;

Connectivity accessories (for TV listening and smartphone use);

Supply of batteries type 675, 13, 312, 10

Enterprise description

The quality of the hearing aids we sell: Phonak and Beltone
Audiocon Milano S.r.l.s.
select and offer their patients professional hearing aids from international brands (Phonak and Beltone) that are at the forefront of technology in terms of fit, customisation and connectivity; capable of providing high-performance acoustic experiences, to help the hearing impaired restore its functionality as closely as possible to the natural experience of human hearing perception. The experience provided by the device must be able to help process sounds naturally, perceive and distinguish their sources, directionality, richness and variation, scenery, and reduce background noise.

The well-being of the hearing system
Hearing loss is a widespread problem, particularly with advancing age, but it can be resolved thanks to rehabilitation therapies and the use of increasingly technologically advanced hearing aids, which are small and performant and can guarantee full recovery of the hearing function. The ability to distinctly perceive sounds, noises and words and thus to converse with others in complete serenity are fundamental aspects of quality of life and must be preserved. If someone has difficulty in hearing, it does not necessarily mean that the problem is serious or insurmountable: however, it is necessary to undergo an initial hearing check to assess the problem.