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Dammg was created based on a need, disabled children face a lot of trouble trying to get registered in schools whether its the support they need to get integrated in schools or the emotional support. so we created an online platform (website/application) to connect both the end user ( parents ) and the service providers.
As well as providing this group with the basic services:
•information about the required centers.
•information about the schools that take in the disabled.
•training programs for the parents to deal with their disabled kids.
We aim to provide the service with high quality and the right price, less time consumption than usual due to the lack of experience for those who are currently providing it in the market. we provide mental health support, and art therapy designed by specialists.
And not just that but also a rating and tracking system for the users to maintain the quality and control on what they would prefer and want changed about the service.
Such platform isn’t only directed to help parents but also to guarantee the quality we will be training and preparing skilled and experienced service providers as well. That will help increase their chances for finding jobs in such field.
We serve various disabilities from mild to moderate. Where the parent can go on the website and search using their location and the expertise they might need for their child's case.
Phone: +201011622358
2May buildings, Nassr Road, Cairo - egypt, Egypt
مبادرة دمج بلا قيود للتوعية بأهمية الصحة النفسية لذوي الاعاقة
احدى الشخصيات التي نستخدما في تمثيل ذوي الاعاقةة
مبادرة دمج بلا قيود للتوعية بأهمية الصحة النفسية لذوي الاعاقةاحدى الشخصيات التي نستخدما في تمثيل ذوي الاعاقةة
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