Persons with disabilities App

Stand: 6436

The application of people with disabilities is an inferential advertising platform, which is the first of its kind in the Arab world. The application provides a distinctive voluntary and non-profit community service, which provides comprehensive and integrated services for people with disabilities, containing many different sections, including:

⁃ The doctors' department

⁃ Nursing department

⁃ Department of medical laboratories

⁃ Department of Physical Therapy

⁃ Department of Medical and Compensation Devices

- Department of Hearing Disabilities

- Medical Devices Donations Section

⁃ Department of Nurseries and Schools for People with Disabilities

⁃ Department of Delivery Companies for People with Disabilities

⁃ Department of buying and selling cars for people with disabilities

⁃ Sale and purchase of used medical devices.

- Talent and creativity exhibition

- Public benefit associations

- Sports clubs

- Personal care

- Pharmacies

-Efight and education

-Voluntary teams

There are two types of accounts within the application:

• Individuals account:

It is a personal user account that enables him to search for products and services available within the application, and communicate directly with service providers by calling, wastsup or accessing through the site. It can also add an advertisement in specific sections such as:

⁃ Department of used medical devices.

⁃ Department of used cars for people of determination.

⁃ Department of Medical Devices Donations

• Business account:

It is an account for providers of medical and compensatory services and supplies, where it can easily register the account by filling in the company's data and easily adding ads to the company's page, where it is easy to move from one advertisement to another and display an unlimited number of products in addition to the possibility of adding a video from within the products page.

The application supports the voice over feature

And voice search feature (for people with motor disabilities)

Phone: 0096599929191
kuwait, kuwait, Kuwait 00965