Dubai Center for Special Needs (DCSN)

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Dubai Center for Special Needs (DCSN) is a non profit organization dedicated to serving the needs of people of determination. It's a beautiful purpose built school that provides individualized curriculums according to the need and ability of each student in addition to enrichment programs such as sports, performing arts and music. DCSN also has a professional rehabilitation department that offers: physiotherapy,occupational therapy, speech Therapy and hydrotherapy . All this in a VERY HAPPY ENVIRONMENT where the well-being and the development of the students is the highest priority.


DCSN’s management and staff aim to improve the quality of life of people of determination by promoting their independence, productivity, inclusion, empowerment and social participation in integrated community settings.


DCSN is managed on a day to day basis by the director, a qualified Child and Family Psychologist who has been integral to the Center’s growth since its inception.

United Arab Emirates