Fakher Al Watan Volunteer

Stand: 318

The volunteer team, Fakhr Al-Watan, was established and received a certificate of publicity from the Ministry of Social Affairs on 11/5/2016


From the founding of the team, it is an attempt to break the barrier of the retired’s isolation from society by participating in events and activities and benefiting from his experiences through the activities and participations held by the team..

It is that the retiree is still in continuous giving and will not stop making his efforts to help others..


The team's vision is to work for community partnership with all parties for the benefit of the retired..


As for the team’s ambitions, it is to work on highlighting the retired’s role in the community locally and internationally and to have a clear imprint by benefiting from his experiences and to be a prominent mark in the community..

Among the many activities, participations and multi-objective events were..

* The team’s participation in the Dubai Expo 2017, and the Dubai Expo 2019
* Participation in events and activities for people with special needs, such as private institutes and a slow learning school
* Blood donation campaigns
* Activities for schools
* Collaboration with charities
And many more..

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