Purple – Purple Tuesday – Purple Surfers

Stand: 7308

Purple, with a vision transcending borders, drives two transformative initiatives: Purple Tuesday and Purple Surfers.

Advocating for global inclusivity, Purple Tuesday emphasizes accessibility for the disabled community, celebrated from the UK to UAE.

Purple Surfers empowers this demographic with digital literacy, offering tailored training modules.

Through its dynamic online presence and strategic collaborations with entities like Hidden Disabilities and Standard Chartered Bank, Purple's mission resonates worldwide. Backed by a diverse, empathetic team and robust corporate partnerships, Purple seamlessly intertwines everyday experiences with digital empowerment for the disabled community.

Striving for a world of unhindered access and inclusivity, Purple stands as a beacon of change and empowerment.

Phone: +447534521544
Ivan Peck House, Ground Floor, 1 Russell Way, Greater London, United Kingdom CM1 3AA
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