QMG Mawared Group

Mawared Fabrication is a Qatar-based manufacturing company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of medical supplies for hospitals, clinics, laboratories and for domestic-private use. As a core mission, Mawared hopes to facilitate the life of PWD and the elderly and its vision is to empower and better integrate people with special needs into society as Mawared deeply believes that accessibility and inclusion is a right for everyone.


Mawared hopes to be a reference for global factories working in related fields by providing integrated medical solutions to patients which is why Mawared keeps abreast of the latest technology developments in the field of medical industries and invests its resources and energy into enabling patients functionally, socially and psychologically. Mawared takes each and every clients’ needs into consideration and provides them with state-of-the-art products to enable people with disabilities to be more productive and better connected to each other.


With a product portfolio with more than 30 products, Mawared takes pride in its attention to safety and high quality, commitment to deliveries, after sale services and periodic maintenance.