Rafa Institute of Disability Care Studies

Welcome to RAFA INSTITUTE OF DISABILITY CARE STUDIES, Kenya. The school was founded in 2016 after the Director, an Occupational Therapist wanted to solve care challenges experienced while administering treatment to his patients who were mainly home-based or attending special schools. This pioneering training in high quality Special Needs Care for PEOPLE OF DETERMINATION has merged modern medical approaches to produce an effective 8-week theory course, 6 week practicum based curriculum with focus on the care of children, adults as well as the elderly who have physical, mental or in some situations both physical and mental challenges. Many of those who have experienced this care have shown considerable improvements in their lives as the Special Needs Care curriculum draws in a holistic approach starting with character, diet, hygiene and exercise among other areas of interest. The caregiver-student learns how to competently take care of a patient, at home, special school or hospital set-up. Home-based care, as its commonly referred to, can interrupt normal lives, and for this reason our institution is interested in merging with interested partners to deliver this unique Special Needs Care program to the UAE. This will bring relief to all the affected parties, parents, as well as institutions like Special Schools and hospitals to improve care skills for their loved ones. By the end of the program, parents and institutions will be able to improve care of all with special needs, from children to the elderly, with a variety of diagnoses affecting PEOPLE OF DETERMINATION. The skills include but are not limited to supporting normal or near-normal clients' daily living skills. Each client is assessed and given a carefully designed care plan. We are currently providing home care services to many people, bringing relief to their families, who have desperately searched for the right partner to help care for their loved ones. Conditions like Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome, Stroke, Dementia is in our scope of care. Visit our stand for details on how we can help you face care-based challenges. Welcome!