We design and manufacture weighted blankets.

Weighted Blankets contribute to a significant reduction of anxiety and stress. They help release a hormone called serotonin, simultaneously reducing cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

Covering ourselves with a Weighted Blanket gives us a pleasant sense of security and tranquility. As a result, our body and nervous system calm down. We witness a significant increase in the production of serotonin, also known as the hormone of happiness, and melatonin – the sleep hormone. All this makes it easier to fall asleep or relax.

The Senso-Rex ™ Weighted Blanket is more than just a therapeutic tool – it’s also a perfectly designed product that can be used year-round.

Synapsa-Med is a Polish company specializing in the production of medical weighted blankets and sensory therapy products. The company was founded in 2013 out of the necessity to create a weighted blanket for a boy with autism.

Since 2013, we have continuously worked on improving our production processes and introducing new designs, variations, and sensory products. We collaborate as a manufacturer through wholesale sales and as a partner in creating private-label brands for our partners. We own many of our own e-commerce stores in Poland, Germany, France, the UK, and Spain. We also have partners in most European countries who collaborate with us through wholesale orders and drop shipping.

We are the owner of European brands such as Gravity®, Senso-Rex®, and Balance®. Our products have, among other certifications, the status of a medical device and comply with the OEKO-TEX® standard.

Phone: +48 571806676
Wrocławska 7, Jelcz-Laskowice, Poland 55-220