Ability Life

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Our journey began more than 15 years ago by providing a set of comprehensive services, programs, and innovative solutions, in addition to preparing the surrounding environment to be friendly to the various segments of society. We also developed our services that deal with people of determination and the elderly, so Fursan Medical Equipment was one of Ability Life Group companies, and it opened a portal through which we were able to reach the largest number of target segments and customers. Subsequently, our success followed and we were able to gain the trust of customers over the years. One of the key reasons for it is our proximity to the target groups and our knowledge of their requirements and the challenges they face. This enabled us to provide many innovative solutions that suit everyone’s requirements. At Ability Life Group, we have always strived to exceed expectations and fulfill everyone’s needs. Hence, we have expanded into other sectors to broaden our field of excellence. Ability Life Group now consists of Medical Equipment Sector, Consultation/Researches Sector, and Services/Events Sector. Additionally, we started to provide our services to various Governmental and semi-Governmental entities in different sectors such as Sports, Social, Medical, etc.

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    Al Bustan center , Al Qusais 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates