Ana Momayaz Collection

Tasnim Omran, an author, writer, and content creator, supports individuals with disabilities, sister of “LULU” who born with extra chromosome. After becoming a mother, I noticed the absence of characters with disabilities in Arabic children's stories. I also realized that most children lacked the proper knowledge of how to interact with their peers who have disabilities. This realization led me to the decision to write children's stories that include everyone.


As a result, I introduced the “ANA MOMAYAZ” series, a five-part collection that directly addresses Down syndrome. I cast my sister, Lulu, as the heroine of these tales. In addition, I authored another story titled “Mom and Dad Don't Agree”, in which I was dedicated to including a character with a disability.


My goal is to foster an integrated and secure society for everyone, accomplished through my children's stories and by spreading awareness about individuals with disabilities through my Instagram account.


I believe I can make a positive change and hopes to make the world a better place for everyone.

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    United Arab Emirates