ARASCA Medical Equipment Trading LLC

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Founded in 2007, having 5000+ products, ARASCA Medical Equipment Trading LLC is the
most Trusted and Well-Known supplier of pre-hospital medical equipment within the UAE,
GCC, Middle East, and Africa. ARASCA is an ISO 9001 certified company, registered with MOH
and DHA, a member of the Dubai Chamber, and a member of Tejari since 2007. Our vision is to
provide quality products based on peoples’ needs to ensure public care and safety. ARASCA is
playing its role by following and supporting the Rulers /Leaders /government’s long-term
strategies and initiatives in fulfilling the aim of the UAE government of a healthy and safe
environment for residents by investing in bringing innovative solutions and the right products for
the health and safety of the people. ARASCA believes in corporate social responsibility hence
supporting corporate social activities and returning a part of its earnings to the society via
donations, sponsorships, and charity events.

ARASCA is a trusted partner since 2007 with a very well-known global manufacturer. Having a
large warehouse in Dubai for timely deliveries, ARASCA is the authorized distributor for 24
well-known brands from all over the world. Products from these brands cover our 8 product
categories which are 1. Military, Mass Crowd & EMS Management 2. Disaster, shelter &
Decontamination System Solutions 3. Ambulance, Emergency, Rescue & Resuscitation
Solutions 4.Evacuation & Immobilization Solutions 5.Health & Safety at Workplaces & Industry
6. Health & Safety for Public Access Support 7. Personal Health & Safety Care at Home 8.First
Responders' & EMS Training Materials.
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    5th Floor, Al Masraf Building, Baniyas Road, Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates