Cérge is a leading technology firm dedicated to enhancing community participation and accessible tourism and travel through its innovative companion website and app. Our solutions, including a white label version launching this July, are implemented in various settings such as schools, airports, museums, leisure centres, transport systems, sporting venues, hotels, guest houses, and during conferences and events.


We equip people with disability, as well as parents, carers, and support workers, with empowering tools through our comprehensive companion app. This app includes visual stories, sensory guides, 360-degree virtual tours, audio guides, communication boards, key word sign boards, and detailed access guides. These resources ensure that all visitors are well-informed and confident prior to their visits, fostering an inclusive environment at every venue.


Cérge’s platform also supports discreet pre-arrival communication of specific needs, ensuring every experience is seamlessly supportive and tailored to individual requirements.


As we continue to expand our reach, Cérge remains committed to breaking down barriers and enhancing the accessibility of every venue, making every trip and visit a possibility for everyone.

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