Darat Suheil Baqaeen

Stand: 6444

Here is where exactly the artist has chosen to inaugurate his studio, This House, in Amman. This privileged place has created an outlet for people represented, who are actually honing the talents of the blind and diving into the positive energy. It has been founded to keep in touch with the talent of painting throughout the granting period of these young people were able to support the plastic artist Baqaeen. Corona pandemic led Suhail Baqaeen to teach them remotely and with the aid of videos with two screens, to see life with their imagination and interact with it. They were able to communicate ideas and information to them, turning their handicap into energy and strength, and taking them from a dark path forming new aspirations, imagination and their ability to evoke the emotional state. These sightless were the big ones that do not know diamonds that provoke in them the inspiration and desire to experience the event as it is the blind. This idea of the studio came to confirm faith in the capabilities of children who lost their eyesight. The exhibition relies solely on the sense of touch.

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