Gilani Engineering

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Gilani Engineering is a premier provider of high-quality mobility aids and disability tools, serving individuals across Australia. Based in Sydney, we specialize in wheelchair-accessible car and van conversions, as well as dual control and disability pedal vehicle modifications within the Sydney area.

Our Products and Services:

We offer an extensive range of products and services to meet the unique needs of differently abled individuals, including:

Mobility Scooters: Reliable and comfortable scooters for enhanced mobility.

Wheelchairs: A variety of electric and manual wheelchairs designed for different needs.

Assistive Aids: Comprehensive solutions to support daily living activities.

Vehicle Modifications:

Our expertise extends to vehicle modifications, ensuring accessibility and compliance with the Australian Design Rules for Motor Vehicles (ADRs). Our services include:

Eligibility and Suitability Assessment: We evaluate vehicles to ensure they meet ADR compliance.

Testing and Compliance: We conduct thorough testing of vehicles and their components for both new and used vehicles.

Design Services: We design and customize components and systems to modify vehicles, ensuring they comply with ADRs.

Our Commitment:

At Gilani Engineering, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive A-Z service policy. From initial assessment to final implementation, we ensure every modification meets the highest standards of safety and quality. Our dedication to customer satisfaction drives us to provide the best mobility solutions for our clients.


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