Hospitality Management Holding (HMH)

Hospitality Management Holding (HMH) is a leading force in the MENA hospitality sector, since its inception in 2003. HMH has been steadfast in its commitment to its stakeholders to provide impeccable service, operational excellence, and a comprehensive approach to wellbeing. This has enabled HMH to carve out a unique position in the industry, with its diverse portfolio of five distinct brands: Bahi, Coral, Corp, Ewa, and Ecos; each tailored to cater to specific market needs and designed to provide exceptional experiences.

In the face of global adversities, HMH has demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability. Our approach to overcoming these challenges not only strengthens our resolve but also paves the way for continued growth. With a proven record of excellence, a strategic growth trajectory, and an unwavering commitment to wellbeing, sustainability, and innovation, HMH stands ready to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the MENA hospitality industry.

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    5th Floor, GIBCA Building, Al Wahda Street, Industrial Area 1, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 1033