Liajlehum Association to Serve People with Disabilities

Stand: 6333

On the basis of the idea of empowering and integrating persons with disabilities into society, Liajlehum association for serving persons with disabilities was established. It is an association registered with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with licensing no. (1053) on 20/5/1439.
Our vision is to serve persons with disabilities as active members of society and to support their causes, families and relevant entities. Our mission is to build a system through sharing experiences and activating partnerships with relevant authorities to empower persons with disabilities in society to enhance the quality of life.

Our objectives are to qualify and prepare disabilities for the labour market, provide in-kind assistance and rehabilitate families of disabilities to deal with their children, support and conduct research and studies on disabilities, provide entertainment services, sensitize the community to the needs and capabilities disabilities, and build complementary partnerships with relevant entities.

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    Saudi Arabia