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Mr. Amjad Pervaiz Siddiqi is an amazing Pakistani personality and media celebrity, He is a courageous, successful businessman who established himself from scratch and became an extra ordinary entrepreneur with several dozens of titles, shields and awards. He was living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia since 1979. Widely described as one-in-millions, he is better known for his extra ordinary and challenging lifestyle. A road accident in 1981 severely paralyzed him from the chest downwards and resulted in him being restricted to a wheelchair ever since. But this has not deterred him a bit from leading a challenging and ambitious life full of hard-work, dignity, determination and resolve. He, despite his handicap, has achieved in life which many in full physical form have been unable to.

Mr Siddiqi will be present at the AccessAbilities expo and will be offering his coaching, advice and also interacting with fans at the show along with LAUNCHING the English version of his awaited Auto Biography (The Unyielding Spirit)

He has represented his country over the whole world. In 1985-86, he travelled alone on a wheelchair to 52 countries on his own expense and visited hundreds of rehabilitation and research centers around the world, earning a name for his country everywhere.  His mission was called A MAN ON HIS MISSION during this He Met dozens of higher dignities, Presidents of country, Head of states and unique personalities in Pakistan and around the World.

He has faced the harsh realities of life on his own and has always accepted odd challenges of life aggressively & successfully with his rock-solid confidence; the key thought behind his successful and inspirational life is to never settle for anything less than the best and always keep raising the success bar to the next level. His determination has defeated all the hardships that he has had to face because of his disability,

He is an inspiring figure for many business aspirants. He had the option of easily living off pensions and settlements. But he chose to work a job in a Bank and then started his business from scratch in 1993. He began his journey in the world of entrepreneurship by selling towels shop to shop; he then started bulk importing from Pakistan different readymade garments, handicraft and textile products to Saudi Arabia and the UK he then made successful deals of exporting thousands of tons of rice from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia. Today he is the chairman of two manufacturing industries and two trading companies in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and is employing  hundreds of Pakistani nationals. He started a bottles manufacturing project in Lahore with the value of about Rs.200 million. He has always preferred investing in Pakistan and transferred his funds to Pakistan in a legal way to support the Pakistani economy. He has invested about Rs.600 million in the industrial and residential sector. His journey from an employee to a magnate is a story of hard-work, dedication, determination and strong willpower and he is the living proof of the saying ‘where there is a will there is a way’.

He is the Author of a motivational Book titled “DARD KA SAFAR (درد کا سفر) which has become a famous and recommendable piece of literature to every depressed, hopeless and downhearted individual., the book has now been translated to English and would be available at the EXPO. He can be easily ranked among the most prominent Pakistani citizens who have contributed a lot to the betterment of their country in their fields.

He is also a very keen social worker and has so far extended financial support of about Rs.100 million to the needy people in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and different parts of the world. He has arranged and donated more than Rs.25 million during natural calamities like earthquakes and floods etc. in Pakistan. Furthermore, in 1993-94 he was the head of Financial Institutions where he arranged to donate millions of Riyals to fund welfare hospitals.

He has volunteered to several hospitals and research centers around the world for experimental surgeries to find a cure for millions of people with spinal cord injuries. So far, he has volunteered for more than 30 surgeries during several of which, his life was at risk. He has remained part of testing phases of several new inventions, devices and technologies in medical science which were introduced to the public afterwards. Millions of people around the world are benefiting from these innovations, and recently because of one of these implantations he remained hospitalized for most of the last 18 months due to the implant being infected. He is among the founders and executive members of MAP welfare trust which is operating free clinics and dialysis centers in 6 cities of Pakistan where more than 300,000 patients were treated only last year i.e., 2021.He has also signed a will to donate his body parts to the needy people after his death.

He has built  2 modern Dialysis Centers with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and technology for patients with kidney failure in Lahore, here patients are treated 100 percent free of cost, there is no charge for any medicine It is absolutely free for all needy people.

He has participated and hosted a lot of Pakistani community gatherings and has led several parades on Pakistan’s national days in different countries, He has taken part in marathons where he has run against thousands of participants and won.

He is a source of inspiration to many people and is also a motivational speaker. He has motivated and helped many businessmen, students and unemployed citizens and showed them that if a paralyzed person can achieve so much then so can others. He has motivated hundreds of disappointed patients, who were lying down on hospital beds and at home doing nothing and has made them respected members of the society. To this effect, he has donated hundreds of wheelchairs, artificial limbs, and crutches to the needy and disabled peoples.

He is the first Pakistani who has been given the Talented and Pioneer Award by the Saudi Forum KSA in 2018.  In 2017 he was given the Pakistan Excellence Award as a Businessman and recently, he has been awarded by Sitara-e-Pakistan as the Entrepreneur of the Year.

He has made several appearances on global media channels to raise awareness about all types of special persons in Pakistan. His successful life story has inspired millions; it is a source of motivation and determination for the future generation of Pakistan

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