Qinera was born in 2002, when Joaquín Romero, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, made a decision to readapt his house using technology in order to continue living and working autonomously. Since then, the company has grown to be present in more than 35 countries and contribute to the lives of more than 200.000 people. At Qinera we work with passion so that all people can communicate, work, learn, participate and enjoy themselves in a diverse world. We imagine, design, create and manufacture products, services and solutions that make the world a more inclusive place such as Multisensory rooms which are environments for controlling sensory stimulation aiming at helping its users in a therapeutic way by providing lots of benefits such as: boosting intellectual activity, promoting interaction and communication or providing relaxation. They are ideal for therapy, learning, stimulation, relaxation and fun. in BJLive! we have developed an evolution of the sensory rooms: the SHX System, which goes a step further and makes rooms totally immersive, interactive, and customizable. At Qinera, we are international specialists in the design and installation of multisensory rooms with a proven expertise with over 400 sensory rooms successfully installed worldwide.

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