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For over 40 years, Widgit Symbols have been used to aid understanding and communication for people who find processing language, reading text or communicating difficult at any time.

Our symbols and software are used in over 10,000 schools, 1,000s of homes and multiple healthcare settings. With increasing recognition of the need for accessible information, you will also find Widgit Symbols used by key public services, leading attractions and sporting venues.

Our software is used globally to create symbol-supported materials in-print, on-screen and online to support routine, emotions, self-regulation, language development and social interactions (to name just a few).

At Widgit we desire to be better tomorrow than today. We take pride in providing the most innovative technology solutions, as well as a personalised service to help provide the best results and advice.

IP3 co-regulation support
IP3 Visual timetables
Widgit Online dual language
Widgit Online emotional scales
Widgit Online self-care routines
IP3 co-regulation supportIP3 Visual timetablesWidgit Online dual languageWidgit Online emotional scalesWidgit Online self-care routines

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