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Welcome to Zoof Wheelchairs! We are a start-up in the mobility aid industry and four years ago we came up with the idea of challenging the mobility aid industry with some new.  A design that would reinvent the old fashioned wheelchair. Our team of specialists guarantees high-level quality due to the innovative architecture of all our products, their folding mechanism, ergonomic seating, and a fully integrated structure. In this way, we make sure that users have a completely renewed and lowered stigma experience when using Zoof.

Our core values are:

  • Functionality: Our team of specialists designs all of the models based on lightweight structures so that the user can easily handle and fold the product in a single movement. Every single detail incorporated into Zoof products is geared towards ensuring the highest possible functionality for the user.
  • Design: At Zoof, we aim to challenge the old-fashioned market of mobility aid products by orientation our design towards modernity, quality and comfort. Our designers work to provide users with the most up-to-date design and therefore, bring innovation that really helps in everyday life.
  • Quality: We work together with a team of professionals who ensure that all of our designs follow a high-quality standard and therefore, provide our customers with the latest technology in the market. Fully aligned with our mission, in Zoof, quality is at the disposal of proud driving and innovation.

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    The Netherlands