Extra Stair Chair – Foldable Track Assisted Stair Chair with Armrest

ARASCA presents, Extra Stair Chair from Meber with a tracked system to go down the stairs for the people of determination. The frame is entirely built of lightweight aluminium alloy. The slope of the backrest and back carrying handles, together with the distinctive frontal arm structure, allows for optimum weight distribution, reducing operators’ efforts.

When descending with a seated patient, the EXTRA stair-chair is securely maneuvered and controlled on the stairs thanks to its long and high-grip tracks. When traveling on smooth and level ground, the 200 mm rear and 150 mm front wheels give exceptional comfort. It also includes two convenient armrests and a telescopic back bar with a high comfort sleeve. A turnable footrest with magnetic locks and innovative bio-mechanical solutions, complete the characteristics of this new rescue device. As optional, a version with a brake on the back wheels is available.

The main fields of application for a chair are typically the ordinary and extraordinary services, for example the transport services to pick up a patient or take him back home or to a private hospital, where an elevator may not be present. Extra is something more. In fact, it has been conceived and designed to offer maximum support even during fast evacuating operations in emergency services. It is therefore confirmed as a valid ally to better face any kind of situation, from ordinary operations to those in critical conditions.

Extra is the ideal device both for evacuating patients and for ordinary services.

Extra is supplied by two practical armrests and a telescopic rear bar covered by an high comfort sleeve.

Two fronts rotating Ø 125 mm diameter wheels and two rear fixed Ø 200 mm allow an easy transport even on impervious lands, relieving the patient from annoying and painful bumps.

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