Harshil’s Challenges to Triumphs with Assistive Technology

Harshil joined Al Noor at age 9, diagnosed to have Spastic Cerebral Palsy, facing mobility and communication challenges. Initially dependent on a wheelchair pushed by others and limited to making a few sounds, Harshil began his journey with assistive technology through the VS Communicator. By age 10, he transitioned to the Alexicom AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) app on his iPad, significantly enhancing his communication abilities. His literacy skills improved steadily, and at 14, he started using an on-screen keyboard for literacy sessions, demonstrating adaptability and growth.

Harshil was introduced to a power wheelchair, quickly mastering it, and navigating Al Noor with pride, displaying his independence and resilience. He featured in the ‘Young Achievers’ short film for the Al Noor Assistive Tech X 2017. In 2018, his advancing literacy skills led to an upgrade to the TD Snap communication app, enabling fluent typing with word prediction.

Harshil’s achievements are inspiring. He joined Al Noor HeartBeats, an inclusive music ensemble, playing the drums. Recently, he excelled in robotics and coding classes, demonstrating his versatility and passion for learning. His dedication to advocacy and community service is noteworthy. As a DEWA conservation team member, he participated in environmental campaigns at Al Noor and collaborated on the inclusive bus campaign, advocating for accessible transportation.

Harshil’s journey at Al Noor is a remarkable story of growth, empowerment, and achievement, inspiring all who know him.


Author: Elizabeth Saju

Senior Speech Language Therapist

Al Noor Training Centre




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