Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is an official Guinness World Records™ title holder for the longest lanyard!

On 17 March 2023, the 3,784.50m (12,416ft) Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Lanyard was confirmed as the new title holder, as it was stretched around the famous Kop end of Liverpool Football Club’s Anfield Stadium. Each metre is indicative of one the 867 hidden disabilities, conditions or chronic illnesses or of one of 2917 submissions that were made to the campaign.

The super-long lanyard was created to show the wide range of invisible disabilities that impact people’s lives. The world’s longest lanyard brings attention to the fact that there are more than 800 hidden disabilities and health conditions for which someone would consider using the Sunflower. The previous record of 2,871m (9,419.29ft), held by the Hong Kong Girl Guides’ Association, was broken after 22 years.

Taking the average height of a person to be 167cm and the usual lanyard length to be 90cm, it would take someone 5,950m tall to wear the Sunflower Lanyard to scale. It would wrap around the pitch at Anfield more than 10 times and the lanyard is about 4.5 times the height of The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the World.

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower is a simple tool for you to voluntarily share that you have a disability or condition that may not be immediately apparent – and that you may need a helping hand, understanding, or more time in shops, at work, on transport, or in public spaces.

To know more about Hidden Disabilities Sunflower or how to become a member of Hidden Disabilities Sunflower in the GCC please visit: https://hiddendisabilitiesstore.com/uae/

Photos by Nick Taylor/LFC