Hotels Designing for Disabilities Must Think Beyond Old Stereotypes

As the co-founder of the accessible design firm Motionspot, Ed Warner doesn’t think the parameters of the Americans With Disabilities Act and other regulatory initiatives are comprehensive enough.

“Just 8 percent of (people with disabilities) use a wheelchair,” Warner said. “We help people think about what they are doing for the other 94 percent of people with many other types of physical, sensory and cognitive access needs, too. Regulations in the UK and (U.S.) are fixated around wheelchair use, but there’s little or no guidance surrounding designing around age.”

The senior population is expected to double worldwide in the next 25 years, and that group has money to spend as well as a sense of adventure. However, design considerations for seniors largely fall short, said Warner, whose work at Hotel Brooklyn in Manchester, England earned the property one of the UK’s most prestigious hospitality awards, a Catey, last year.

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Source: SKIFT

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