How To Help a Child With Autism Calm Down

Whenever your child has a meltdown, your first instinct as a parent is to make it stop; no one likes to see their baby distressed. However, sometimes it just isn’t that simple. Children are learning how to cope with different situations every day. A lot of the time, they just don’t know how to express their feelings.

Having a child who is autistic can sometimes require a little extra help. Autistic children can experience something called sensory overload. This is when you have too many senses going to your brain at the same time.

For instance, a trigger might be being at an outdoor event where there are loud noises, smelly trash cans, and the sun blinding your eyes. This can even be too much for even a neurotypical adult. For autistic children, it can be the makings of a sudden outburst of emotions or what most people call a tantrum.

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Source: Big Heart Toys

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